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Online Courses

Professionals in the Oil and Gas industry require a variety of skills to achieve career goals. As such, PASC is pleased to announce its new suite of introductory courses now available online.

Introduction to Petroleum Accounting

PASC is pleased to be able to bring this popular course to industry in an online format. This seminar has been specifically designed to provide an introduction to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry and a review of the basic accounting principles and procedures in regular use by the industry.

Topic areas include: geology, drilling and completions, field facilities, joint venture accounting, production and revenue accounting, and financial and management accounting.

For those who prefer, this course will continue to be offered via in-class format two - three times per year.

Cost: $250

Business Ethics

Events such as the subprime mortgage meltdown and the problems at Enron and Worldcom have focussed public attention on the growing significance of business ethics. In the current climate, it is necessary for organizations to consider the ethics of their own actions and how ethics are perceived and promoted among their employees.

Learning objectives of this course include: describing business ethics, the three pillars of business ethics, ethical decision-making and a case study review.

This course will take users approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Cost: $19.95


Effective leadership is the process of influencing individuals or a group of people towards a common goal. Almost everyone is required to lead at one time or another. All companies recognize that appropriate leadership skills are important to their success.

This course will take users approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Cost: $19.95

Project Logistics and Management

This course includes 15 modules on the following topics: Change Management Overview; Describe Project Management Overview; Identify Integration with Other Initiatives; Obtian Project Sponsor; Describe Business Need and Scope; Approve Project Charter; Complete Project Kickoff; Create Milestone Map; Create Communications Plan; Complete Stakeholder Management; Describe SharePoint; Complete Detailed Project Plan; Set up Project Plan in Microsoft Project; Describe the Project Governance Process; and Conduct Project Evaluation.

This course will take users approximately 10 hours.

Cost: $149.95

All courses are available online at